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February 12, 2021 5 min read

Online business for sale brings huge baggage of marketing concerns with it to attract target customers and to increase sales rate. It’s become quite a complex endeavor to hit the market with your products amongst the millions of e-commerce stores with unlimited options and alluring offers. Ever-increasing online competition with advanced marketing strategies demands a continuous struggle to design promotional and special offers to convince people to purchase from your store.

Additionally, the ongoing pandemic and its consequences have substantially lowered the purchasing capacity of the people to a great extent. You have to strive more than before to establish your Shopify store for sale or to sustain the progress of your successful Shopify store. The current situation may seem scary though, but just a little you need to know to relax is the brighter side of the scenario i.e., the growing culture of online shopping owing to COVID-19 lockdown and operational precautionary measures of social distancing.

You just need to take the current scenario as a healthy challenge to surpass and design your bang on marketing strategies accordingly to outstand your Shopify store for sale. The most popular way to attract customers to make purchases from your store and convince them to shop more is by offering them alluring offers and discounts.


Treat with Royalty to Get Loyalty 

Great services hold great potential to imprint your impressions strongly on the customers despite the vigorous competition of a dropshipping business. Regular greetings on special occasions with special discounted offers will make your Shopify dropshipping store more celebrated and top of discussions in the town. You need to opt for a creative approach to get in touch with your community and to introduce your special offers. Think of social media marketing through suspense and reveal posts, email marketing, or paid advertisements to announce your seasonal or occasional offers, paid advertisements, and shoutouts from celebrities or influencers. Make the most of the marketing trend and the promotional offers to increase the sale rate of your Shopify products.

Promotional Offers; Get it right

As far as promotional offers are concerned, you can go for plenty of options for special offers, flat discounts or buy one get one free and many more, but to select the best option for your Shopify product without compromising your profit is the most imperative factor to consider. The offer your competitor offers cannot be the winning strategy for your store as well. You need to optimize multiple strategies to get the success formula to shine one. Analyze your target audiences, know more about what they want from their favorite store, often interact with them through open platforms like social media to get an insight into the psychology of your loyal customers. That’s the most productive way to assess what your customers desire and what’s the righteous approach for offering the best promotional offers of your Shopify store.


Make A Wise Move; Execute the Right Way

Let us pen down the hottest trendy promotional offers of the e-commerce world to make you decisive for your dropshipping business.

Flash Sales or Flat offers

Flash sales often refer to the short-term sales that excite customers for your product and convince them that it’s too worthy to miss the opportunity. That’s quite the compelling way to create the hype of your Shopify store. Flat offers are never going to be ignorant offers ever. It's probably the all-time hit approach when you offer a flat discount on any item or the grand total. You can go for a percentage off like X% OFF or XX% sale offers as well as dollars off on the items like $X or $XX OFF on the selected products.

From a broader perspective, you can generate one of the highest conversions for discounted promotions. %Off offers are pretty modest to profit-test as well. If the net profit doesn’t hold for x% discount, you can turn up to the lesser percentage with equally great prospect of selling more than if offer a flat amount off.

Buy One Get Another Free or Giveaways

No one can refuse freebies. BOGO (buy one get one) probably is the all-time favorite deal for almost all the customers all around the world for any type of online business for sale. You can test multiple options according to the niche of your Shopify products like buy one get one absolutely free, buy one get the another in half price, buy two get one free, or any customized offer that leads you to the profit heights. Multi-buys options can also be considered to buy two for one or a pack of five for three and many more. Alternatively, you can clear the buzz and go straight with the giveaways on purchasing up to some amount for example offering giveaway items or a gift hamper of the goodies or other items on purchase of $XXX.


Codes, Coupons, or Vouchers

Introducing coupons on social media to purchase from the link Shopify store is quite a smart approach to bring the affiliate marketing game on point to engage your followers and to convert them into potential loyal customers and gain manifold profits for the long term. You can also go with the free vouchers to offer discounts on reaching respective total like a voucher of $XX off on purchasing $XXX and more. Moreover, you can introduce %OFF codes with the name of influencers or celebrities through paid promotions so that their followers use their code like XYZ10% to avail of the discount offer to benefit your business.

Free Shipping or Cash on Delivery

Mostly shipping rates are applied to the purchased products in different ways. Fixed shipping charges or charges per weight of the parcel according to the rates of the courier service. In either way, shipping charges haunt most of the customers and if they got an opportunity to buy the same product from multiple Shopify dropshipping stores, they go with the one offering free shipping. Furthermore, advance payment for the new customers or the fussy ones is quite a big NO as they refuse to develop trust on their first purchase. So, here you can grab opportunities to attract them towards your Shopify store by offering them free shipping or cash n delivery for all of the new customers for their first purchase to develop trust in you for the future. Anyhow, it's quite a win-win venture for both of you and your customers.

Stir up your customers with any of the promotional offer well-suited for your Shopify products. Just remember to not compromise on your own profit while giving discounts to customers. That’s the key to profitable promotions to execute it the right way. 


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