Why Us

Why Shopify Development through Xee Developers?

We, XeeDevelopers are providing services for Shopify Development in Freelancing Market and Local Market as well. We have a great experience in this field and worked for more than 3 years as Shopify Developer. What we see, people expectations when they come to set up an online business;

  1. Low Investment
  2. Huge Profit
  3. Time-Saving
  4. Trending Products
  5. High Sales
  6. and much more

What They Got:

After investing money through Freelancing Market they got a good looking Shopify Store but only the front end. They got impressed by the beautiful design of the store and gave the settled amount along with tip and 5 stars to the seller. But actually, the client does not know about the life of his store and about the sales of his business as the developer of the store “Sellers” have nothing to do with the profit of the client. They just made a store get their payments along with 5 starts and go away. In the end, the clients have a store with a great front-end but a dead back-end.

Due to that, there are no sales on Shopify Store but the stress on your mind. It’s all because of the lack of communication with the seller as you are unable to clarify your demands fully to the sellers. You take this failure on your part but actually, it is due to the sellers on Freelancing markets. Here are the things that differentiate us from others;

  1. Beautiful Front-end Shopify Store
  2. Highly recommended Applications for Shopify
  3. Top-Rated Products for Shopify
  4. Premium Shopify Themes
  5. Basic Search Engine Optimization
  6. Google Verified Shopify Store
  7. A Complete Guide on how to work with Shopify Back-end
  8. 24/7 Support
  9. Communication through open sources i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, Email

What We Do

We are here to build a money-making Shopify Store for you. We know how to generate sales and what are the basic requirements for a complete Shopify Store. As there are so many restrictions on freelancing markets and we can not communicate with each other. That’s why we have decided to provide a platform where you can have a free conversation with us to get rigorous of your requirements. We offer you to have an open conversation with us through any means so that you can tell us what exactly you need. Clients mostly ask after a week or month that how to do sale or how to do Search Engine Optimization of Shopify Store. At this stage, we were unable to help them due to restrictions by the freelance marketplaces.o

Here at Xee Developers, we are going to provide you online business through Shopify according to your needs and demands with complete Back-end Support until we reach your 100% satisfaction level.


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