Order Process

Our process is simple, effective, agile and gleaned from 5 years of Shopify development experience

Make Payment

We use a very clear order process which is based on a simple step. You pick one of our services and complete the payment method with the secure payment gateway. After completing the order by making the payment, you will receive an email.

Custom Shopify Stores

Once you will hire us for custom store according to your desire niche, you will receive a file in which we require info related to your store, that will be used to maintain your store. Once we will complete the project, you are fully allowed to change the passwords and use the store accordingly. 

Premade Shopify Stores

After purchasing Premade Shopify Store, we will send you a file containing all the info related to store within 1 hour of purchase, email address, passwords and rest of info. You can change password and become store owner with in few minutes. Once you will change the password, you are fully allowed to change the passwords and use the store accordingly.

Get Free Support

If you are not getting an email within 1hour please write to us at info@xeedevelopers.com. We will support you for 24 hours and give you complete guidelines about that file and about your store. 


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