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Our Confidentiality

1| Personal Information

Xee Developers are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your rights when using our website. The website www.xeedevelopers.com is operated and managed in United Kindom. In order to provide the services offered on the site, Xee Developers must hold some of your personal data (only the information necessary to respond to your requests, such as your name, address, email, and phone number).

Data collected while browsing the site www.xeedevelopers..com is generally for internal statistical purposes only (browser type, IP address, access times by area and page). This data is not connected with your personal data. 

2| Use of personal data and disclosure to third parties

XeeDevelopers will not use your personal data (including your email address) for commercial or direct marketing, and will not disclose this information to outside organizations without express permission or under special circumstances. XeeDevelopers will only disclose confidential information about you if required by legal proceedings, a court order or a subpoena.

3| Cookies and IP address

When you visit www.Xeedevelopers.com, Xee Developers may use cookies or other similar files to improve the quality of their services and to make navigation easier during future visits (by remembering your username and password on your computer).

The use of cookies and your IP address (the number assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider when you browse the web) allows us to obtain a report analyzing the behavior of our website users: how they access the site, what pages they visited and the duration of the connection.

Cookies can easily be configured on your computer – you can disable or delete them from your web browser (i.e. Safari, Firefox, etc.). However, please note that from the time the cookies are disabled, it is likely that you will experience connection problems on some pages.

4| Security

XeeDevelopers are committed to protecting the data they collect (the information is kept in a secure environment not accessible to the public). However, they cannot guarantee absolute security on the Internet. Once you post personal information online, you expose yourself to the risk of a third party intercepting this data.

XeeDevelopers use standard security protocols to protect any transaction on their website. These include encryption, access controls, and network firewalls.

5| Your Consent

By using the website of the Xee Developers you accept their Privacy Policy.

6| Amendments to the Privacy Policy

 Any changes to the conditions stipulated in the privacy policy of the Xee Developers will be published on the site, where applicable.