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About Us

Establish Your Online Business for Sale Without Missing A Beat

Established in 2019, XeeDevelopers was formed out of a passion & knowledge to build performance-driven e-commerce websites that combine data-first decisions with the power of creative excellence. We bring together the skills of a diverse ecommerce team form a reliable ecommerce partner for ambitious brands. As an accredited Shopify Experts agency, we push the boundaries of creative design and build websites using cutting-edge development tools & practices. Our expert experience spans across a multitude and field of sectors and industries such as food, beauty, fashion, furniture & more - giving all of our projects a diverse eye to help your brand stand out.

We deliver bespoke design and development on Shopify & Shopify Plus, the world's fastest-growing and most reliable ecommerce platform to craft a range of functions pushing what is possible. Our ecommerce strategies are brave, insightful, and customized to our merchants whilst using historical data to help us deliver improvements to core KPIs and consider the customers experience from visit to checkout experience.

People-first Agency

Of course, as a multi-disciplinary ecommerce team of specialists and professionals, combined, form a highly skilled Shopify agency & consultant. We are relentless in our pursuit to deliver the most creative, best-in-class and data-driven Shopify experiences and customer experience. However, everything we do is built on a foundation of trust, independence and empowerment that we call being people-first. We've crafted an environment open to challenge, that fuels the need of personal-growth and confidence to deliver the very best solutions for our merchants.

We're remote-first amongst a culture of independence without control through micro-management. We believe this in turn gives our team the creative freedom to go the extra mile, think differently and offer the very best service within the Shopify platform ecosystem. We place focus on our merchant's experience as much as our employees, to create a core culture & community of people that really care. Our foundation of people-first is the essence of how we bring such value & difference to our merchants investment on personal and commercial level.

We are one of the veteran Shopify Partners & Store design experts, building high-quality Shopify websites for brands for the last 6 years. Are you looking for a professional Shopify website for your brand? Hire us now.

Our mission is to help you launch your brand and equip you with the best Shopify apps to enable your success!