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Global Village Changing Marketing Trends

October 07, 2019 2 min read

It is an admitted fact that digital marketing technology trends will modify the way of business. With a quickly advancing technology, marketing and technology innovation, collaborate closely to create new methods for companies to target customers and modify the online promotion scenario.

While it’s complicated to know which technologies have a big impact, we consider these are the best ones to invest marketing efforts.

Live Streaming

As technology updated video streaming is an excellent tool to engage customers. It is more useful and easy because everyone has a high speed internet on smartphones. Many social websites offer live streaming like Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope etc.

Online videos engages 50% of all mobile internet traffic and this ratio increasing day by day. Get more and more likes and sharing of video.

Promote your Brand with sharing videos and get comments, questions and answers.

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In-Store Marketing

In a smartphone dominated world, 80 % of mobile users use their smartphone in-store and 74 % are eager to receive location base cellular signals. For a corporate company with an optimized mobile strategy, catching customers via digital techniques will offer an operative source of conversation.

As you can observe offers a real in-store experience for customers. Using location based promotion via retailers labeled allow to control traffic on a location basis.

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