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May 15, 2019 2 min read

How to Receive orders on Shopify?

It all depends on what you have promoted to contact you, if you have given your number then the buyer will contact you on your number etc.

What is the merchant account?

A merchant account is an account where your money is deposited after your customer’s payments have been authorized and processed.

How payments are given through Shopify?

As buying is online so, giving the payments is also online. Not only consumers use all the major credit cards while checking out the Shopify site, but the merchant can also use Shopify's POS system to accept credit card payments in the store or at pretty much any location. With Shopify card reader, the business can enjoy low rates, down to 2.4%, on all credit card transactions. Shopify can also generate chargeback responses so businesses can recover lost sales.

What does Shopify do to grow your online store?

As Shopify offers a comprehensive marketing suite, businesses are finding it easy to scale and get in front of the new audience. This platform offers SEO features like customizable headlines, titles and meta tags so e-commerce sites can rank high in the results. Customers are able to post SEO-friendly products reviews which also work wonders for building a business’s credibility. Shopify merchants can leverage email marketing integrations with MailChimp and offer gift cards and coupons to attract and maintain loyal customer bases. Google advertising programs and full integration with the major social media platforms work to further the reach of Shopify sites and drive revenue.

What do you mean by session and visitors?

The session would be based on the length of a customer’s visit on your online shop, whereas visitors would keep track of the devices that your customer uses to browse your online shop – so desktop, smartphone, etc. the number of visitors is based on cookies. Cookies are basically small files that get stored on customers desktop, mobile phones or other devices when they visit your online store. There are different cookies that get stored to customer’s devices –so there is a cookie that identifies the device that the customer is using (visit) and then another cookie would keep track of the length (session) of the visit of your customer.