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March 09, 2020 3 min read

Instagram has more than billion monthly active users Across the world, and more than 400 million people are engaged with Instagram Stories regularly, Instagram has become a big market with massive traffic that offers a lot of marketing opportunities for E-commerce shops and brands, to reach their target audience.

It’s time to connect your online store with your Instagram account because Instagram has established into a flourishing marketplace for brands to interact with consumers.

It looks so simple but selling on Instagram in a market requires some creativity. There are multiple ways you can start Instagram marketing. Let me explain how to be a successful seller on Instagram, and how to compete top ecommerce brands.


Why Instagram marketing?        

Shopping on Instagram is a quick and easier because customers seems interested in new brands and products on Instagram, also purchase the products in just a few simple steps.

A majority of Instagram users follow and trust on business accounts, boosting sales of shopping on Instagram is more fruitful and streamline the complete buyer experience from discovery to checkout.

All major E-commerce brands shops, businesses around the world are driving proven results with Shopping on Instagram.

Let’s start

These are the prerequisites before start boosting your shop on Instagram

Your shop sells physical goods that fulfills commerce policies of Instagram.

Your Instagram account must be converted to a business account.

Instagram business profile is linked with your Facebook catalog.

Basic Techniques to get Organic Sales

Product Tags:

Product tags are more valuable on Instagram, its parallel to tagging other Instagram users in your products posts.  Tagging offers consumers to click on your tags and shop your products.

Product Stickers:

Ecommerce brands are able to tag particular products in Stories, likewise you can with your standard tags in posts.

The Shop Tab:

Shop tab attract consumers much more; Profile viewer can discover all the products that are tagged in Instagram posts.

Links in Stories to Swipe up:

Swipe up links are very productive tool for generating traffic to your desired landing pages [URLs] from Stories. It will be helpful to engage more social traffic to your ecommerce store that sui resultant to more sales.

Tip and Tricks for Instagram marketing

Quality is vital

All Stock from your product photos should be in HD quality images with best captions and content is an essential part of marketing.

Products video

Make your profile dazzle with videos of your products, it’s a big tool to satisfy customers, and to engage consumers to be an active part of buyer process with making a comparison of products from different brands. Video is an integral part of buyer process.

Engage your Audience with Fun

Make a routine to post Funny and educational posts to engage more community on Instagram. This factor is key to make them comfortable and interact with your brand on daily basis.

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