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May 03, 2020 2 min read

Why hire a Shopify Developer?

A lot of things and complications you need to consider when you are starting a Shopify store, including getting your product selection [Winning Products], product suppliers, inventory management, Front end design and marketing strategy including Facebook Marketing Campaigns, Instagram Promotions, Search Engine Optimization SEO.

If you don’t have much experience yourself, you must let a Shopify Expert handle the development and designing portion of the store.

Hiring a Shopify expert will permit you to spend more time to focus other portions of your Shopify store.

A Best Shopify Expert

Any Shopify expert should be using version control, have wide expertise of the platform’s API, and a good command of PHP and JavaScript.

Apart from these prerequisites, you must try to select a Shopify developer that has these skills.

An Outstanding Portfolio

A wide range of Shopify Projects must be on your developer’s portfolio. You should check out the designed Shopify Stores in their portfolio, and note down whatever you liked or disliked about them.

Check the Store’s loading time and speed, Front End Design, accessibility features and Functionality.

Reviews from Happy Clients

Select a Shopify Developers that have a large number of reviews and testimonials from their satisfied customers. If a developer has reviews from Ecommerce, that’s good.

A unique and Creative Approach

Avoid hiring Shopify developers that have a portfolio with similar designs and themes with slight differences. Look for a Shopify expert that has presented a unique and creative approach to thinking.

Post Development Support

If a Shopify developer makes your store completely, many different complications can arise down the road. So, after completion on project technical support of developers means a lot for you.  Since your hired developer provided you with user manuals of your website functionality, you’ll need them to be accessible for maintenance and technical assistance after they have completed the project.

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