What is Shopify? How Much Shopify Costs? | Shopify Experts | Xee Developers - XeeDevelopers

April 24, 2019 2 min read

What is SHOPIFY?

Shopify is a platform that allows you to start, grow and manage a business. It allows:

1-    To create and customize an online store.

2-    To include the website, mobile, social media, social working, online marketing, pop up shops and sell in multiple places with the number of multiple ways.

3-    Gives the chance of shipping, manage the products, inventory, payments

Basically, Shopify is hosted and cloud-based, which means in it you don’t need to worry about the upgrading of a system, maintaining software or any type of web servers. This gives you ease to build your business easily anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.

Shopify is an effective e-commerce website builder that allows the merchant to design, develop, market and sell any type of goods to consumers around the world.

When Shopify was developed?

Roughly 10 years ago, a group of snowboarders developed it to sell and buy online. They soon realized the online market places available at the time weren’t sophisticated enough to offer their customers personalized shopping experience, so they build their own e-commerce platform to get their products into the hands of other snow shredders. Their solution becomes a popular e-commerce platform Shopify.

How many online Shopify stores are in work now?

It hosts more than 377,000 active online stores that generate more than $29 billion in sales.

How much Shopify does cost?

Basically, we can do Shopify through many different websites, we can use other websites to enlarge the business or we can make our own website too. Few online companies give us chance to work under them but of our choice, they give us a time to Shopify free for a few days to just run the business but after that according to their policies they demand that price which would be fixed in both of them (company and the person who is working with the company). Furthermore, it is pertinent to mention here that there are different Shopify Packages that costs you on a monthly basis and can be found here

What would be the domain name of Shopify?

You definitely can use your own pretty domain name with Shopify. And if you have the existing domain name, you can connect it Shopify to your store’s admin. If you can no domain name, even you can buy from Shopify too.