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April 28, 2019 2 min read

Why we have more visitors instead of customers on Shopify?

In the view of Shopify Experts, every online store owner want to have more customers on Shopify. For this he wants to increase the visitors which we call traffic. Online stores need more traffic and more conversions. But even after doing a lot of hard work it is tough to maintain the percentage between the visitors and customers. All this can be solved by some marketing tactics. Being Shopify Experts, you should be an expert in advertising or explaining the thing by hiding their flaws. But the question is that why we have more visitors but not more customers. Basically, people need more, they need extra in everything, even people are conscious about the price and about the quality of anything.

According to a survey of Shopify Experts most people, if I would get a mathematical term then 9 out of 10 people survey all the things and buy those things from where they get a discount or they feel comfortable. Now the question arises that how this comfort can we make? Or if I twist my question then why people are visitors, not customers?

There can be many reasons like maybe the description we have given in the details about the product is not so warm or attractive or maybe not satisfying or maybe we are not attracting the people towards our variety our we are not showing those things which they want to see i.e. they need deals to satisfy their selves. Maybe the picture we have given is not so authentic or maybe it is not clear. The things should be clear and attractive otherwise people will be just visitors not customers.